About Us

Living Harmony stems from two sources, which have been merged into one practice. The two sources are:

  • Environmental Harmony, which involves the assessing and rebalancing of electromagnetic, geopathic and geopsychic stresses in the home and work place. Left unchecked these stresses can cause a number of problems – from lethargy, low mood, poor concentration and learning difficulties to relationship, business problems and chronic disease. Environmental Harmony was founded by dowsers and kinesiologists Jacqui Beacon and David Gillett who tragically passed away in 2004. To find out more about their ground-breaking work, see http://www.environmentalharmony.com.


  • Vibrant Harmony, which clears imbalances in the body using the latest findings in vibrational and energy medicine, sound, colour, crystals, essences and healing mandalas. The benefits take place at many levels, including at a soul and DNA level, bringing deep transformation into people’s lives and to people’s health. Vibrant Harmony was founded by Val Bullen, Viviane Garbe and Jacqui Beacon in 2000.

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