Living Harmony

What is Living Harmony?

Living Harmony was created out of a wish to help people connect with their Divinity and become who they truly are by helping them heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Living Harmony looks at stressors and ways of clearing them in people's environment as well as their health to help them achieve these goals.

Living Harmony offers a range of services and products for health and spiritual growth, which are in line with developments in energy medicine and quantum science. The Living Harmony processes clear imbalances, and harmonise the body and the environment (home or workplace) to eradicate dis-ease and promote well-being. The principles and practices of Living Harmony uphold the sanctity, divinity and interconnectedness of All.


Who can benefit from Living Harmony?

Anyone can benefit from Living Harmony, but it is particularly useful for:  

  • those with acute or chronic health problems
  • anyone who wants to rebalance the energy in their home, workplace or treatment clinic to create a healthy and energizing environment
  • employees who feel de-motivated at work, have low energy levels, feel depressed or suffer from chronic illness.
  • employers who want to improve staff morale, health and performance
  • anyone wanting to further their personal growth

Living Harmony founders Viviane Garbe and Val Bullen provide individual consultations in the home, clinic or office. They also offer weekend workshops for spiritual growth and development.

They also offer healing to individuals for deep seated problem.  For more information about treatments with Viviane and Val, click on Living Harmony Therapy Centre  under Services and for information about Vibrant Harmony Healing with Viviane, click here.