Val Bullen

Val Bullen is a biomedical scientist, university lecturer and Living Harmony practitioner. She has designed many courses, including the degrees in complementary therapies at the University of Westminster where she was previously the Head of Biomedical Sciences.

Her particular interest is in psychoneuoimmunology, the scientific discipline supporting mind-body medicine. She is an inspirational and entertaining lecturer and was recently made a University Teaching Fellow for her excellence in teaching and learning.

Val’s interest in complementary therapies began in 1990 when she was treated with acupuncture for a liver problem. After attending various courses on aromatherapy, massage, reflexology and kinesiology she trained as a professional kinesiologist, during which time she met Jacqui Beacon and Jacqui’s partner David Gillett who set up a purpose-built healing centre together, The Harmony Centre. 

Val works as a medical intuitive, combining her medical knowledge and healing ability to work at the cellular and molecular level.

After the unexpected death in 2004 of Jacqui and David, Val and Viviane have been continuing the work and have developed a new range of products and set up The Foundation for Living Harmony to ensure the continuation of the Living Harmony vision.