Living Harmony Mandalas



Viviane’s healing mandalas are energetic patterns that people can journey into through meditation, or benefit from simply by looking at them. These energies are confined by the shape or frame of the Mandala and may simply be a collection of different symbols, such as energy vortexes, representations of nature, sacred geometry, angels, planets. These channel energies necessary to deal with blockages and patterns that need to be removed. Working consistently with your own personal mandala can help to activate your inherent gifts and qualities and help you to move through any limiting beliefs and challenges that may be inhibiting the full expression of your true potential. 

The sample shown represents the Vision of Living Harmony, which is:  

  • To re-awaken others to infinite possibilities (represented by the Infinity sign) for transformation (butterfly) from any starting point (coloured spots dotted about)
  • To enable them to lovingly honour their uniqueness (loop at the bottom of the mandala)
  • To connect (wave and particle at the top) with the wisdom of the natural world (gold dolphin)
  • To honour and respect the interconnectedness of all (orange border)
  • To bring joy and loving harmony (flower) into their lives.

We are now able to offer personalised mandalas and their interpretations to facilitate a person’s healing, growth and spiritual awareness. These powerful Living Harmony mandalas may have the equivalent effect of several healing sessions as they work at soul level to bring about the shifts needed at that particular time.


Product Price: £100.00 + £5.00 postage and packaging