Sounding the Light Workshop in Slovenia with Gongmaster Rudolphus Albers, Valerie Bullen and Viviane Garbe (Click here for Bios)

17th - 21st October 2019 (including flight days)

This workshop in the heart-opening location of the Centre we set up in Eastern Slovenia, has developed from a previous course on chakra alignment run by Rudolphus Albers at the Living Harmony Centre in the UK.
It aims to clear dysfunctions on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual,  by clearing blockages in the chakras and harmonising positive and negative aspects to allow for better connectivity and energy flow, allowing you to realise and radiate out your true potential as an authentic Light Being. To do this, a mixture of modalities will be used, such as Sound with Gong and Voice, Sacred Geometry (exploring the Six Pointed Star and the Lemniscate), Crystals, Symbols, Cards, Movement, Colour, Essences.  This will be an interactive workshop where students can find out where their blockages to their Authentic Self are, and how to dissolve these through the modalities offered.  They will go home with tools to help them with their further development.
Accommodation will be at the Centre in comfortable en suite rooms that have been harmonised using Living Harmony and Feng Shui principles for optimum sleep and processing during the course.
Delicious and imaginative vegetarian meals will be catered by a good friendly local restaurant (please let us know of any special requests such as dairy or gluten free) and served in the accommodation dining room.
Workshop price:  Early Bird (paid in full before 1st September):  £300
Full workshop price (paid in full by 30th September):                    £350
Non-refundable booking deposit to secure your accommodation of choice (see below):  £100
Airport transfers:  Price to be confirmed depending on numbers.
Accommodation at the Centre per person for four nights (including full board):
Single room                                                £215
Double room                                              £195
Double room (single occupancy)           £235
Family room (4 beds)                                £175
Flights to Ljubljana or Zagreb (closest) and onward travel to Centre are not included in these prices and need to be booked by you.  We will do our best to organise pick up or onward travel from the airport once we know how many are travelling.
Flights recommended:
Before you book, please let us know which flights you would prefer so we can try and organise pick up to the centre.  The easiest would be if everyone flew to the same airport, obviously!  The closest airport is Zagreb in Croatia (1 hour and 30 mins away).  Ljubljana is 2 and 1/4 hours away.


STN to Ljubljana Oct 17th, 1:05 PM arriving LJU 4.10pm
Ljubljana to STN Oct 21st, 4:45 PM arriving STN 18.00
The only direct flights from London to Zagreb are British Airways flights from Heathrow leaving at 7.25am arriving 10.45 on the 17th, returning from Zagreb on the 21st leaving 13.20 arriving 14.55.
There is a late Easyjet flight from Ljubljana on the 20th at 22.15 arriving 23.30 at Stansted if people need to get back before the 21st.


  • Monthly Healing Meditation:  Bring out your inner sun and experience joy in life.  
  •  Monthly Distant and Self-Healing:  Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet

Living Harmony Spiritual Retreats in Hertfordshire:

23 - 25         August 2019

13 - 15   September 2019

4 - 6           October 2019

All-inclusive price: £350 sharing or £395 single occupation

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Past workshops at the Living Harmony Centre in Aston, Stevenage, UK

Val Bullen and Viviane Garbe will be running spiritual and self-development workshops in 2019.  Dates are still to be confirmed.  Watch this space!  You can see examples of past workshops by clicking on the titles below.

Featured Events

New Workshop in Slovenia:
This new workshop in the heart-opening location of The Centre we set up in Eastern Slovenia, has developed from a previous course on chakra alignment run by Rudolphus Albers at the Living Harmony Centre in the UK.  For more details, click below:
Meetups with Viviane in Aston near Stevenage:
Bring out your inner sun and experience joy in life: Healing  guided meditation
Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet:  Self, family, friends, personal situations and global healing.

 Living Harmony Spiritual Retreats in Hertfordshire:

19 - 21              July 2019

23 - 25        August 2019

13 - 15  September 2019

4 - 6           October 2019

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All-inclusive price:

£395 per person

£350 per person for couples sharing a room

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