Please note the retreats have moved to France in Central Brittany and are no longer available in the UK.  The format will be similar to the UK retreats.

For more info on the French retreats, please contact Viviane directly at or on +33675207373 where she's available to contact free on WhatsApp.

 Lumière d'Harmonie Spiritual Retreats France

Lumière d'Harmonie Spiritual Retreats France

The Lumière d'Harmonie Retreat environment is designed and harmonised to reflect Living Harmony and Feng Shui principles for well being and spiritual growth. Guests can experience deep transformation and life-changing shifts in an intimate and cosseting ambiance that promotes good sleep, peace and harmony, supporting them in their journey.  It is suitable for highly sensitive individuals who would benefit from being in a harmonised environment, protected from everyday technology and environmental stress. They have the use of a dedicated space for meditation and healing, and the garden, which, with its terrace, is a beautiful haven in the spring and summer.  There are many scenic nature walks and villages nearby to be enjoyed.

Viviane Garbe has put together a carefully tailored retreat programme for people who are on a self-development journey and are keen to move on to the next stage.  Individuals at the onset of their spiritual/self-development journey are also welcome, as Viviane can tune into each person’s specific needs and work on their particular issues to help them move forward in their life. 

The maximum number of guests is 3 on a guided  retreat, which includes  meditation journeys with or without gong, Vibrant Harmony Healing, Vibrant Essence Salt Bath Therapy, walks which can be accompanied by your host or her daughter who is a dog walker (she knows the local country paths off by heart!) to help you discover the natural treasures and beautiful energies nearby, Pilates or yoga (activities may vary) (click here for a Retreats Programme example).

For special requests outside of these dates, please contact Viviane.

These retreats are specially designed to facilitate deep shifts and transformation.  A Vibrant Essence will be made for each participant before they leave to support them in their ongoing spiritual journey.  Follow-up remote treatments or in person with Viviane (click here for brochure) are possible, to continue facilitating deep shifts and growth.  

This retreat is for you if:

•  you are a highly sensitive individual who would benefit from being in a harmonised environment, protected from everyday technology and environmental stress

•  you appreciate personal touch and attention in an intimate and welcoming, simple but clean and comfortable residential setting

•  you sense and appreciate the energies of special healing spaces

•  you are a soul in need, suffering from burnout or stress and/or feeling stuck in your life with unresolved issues

•  you enjoy country walks in beautiful landscapes

•  you enjoy wholesome, home-made meals prepared with love, and eaten in the company of like-minded people

•  you are on a spiritual or self-development path, and like, or would like to discover, sound healing with gong, meditation and deep healing

•  you appreciate flexible timing of rest and activities


The Domaine des Ifs located in a country hamlet in Central Brittany is a haven of peace and healing.  The Domaine is Viviane's home, set up as a guest house in which guests can enjoy their own room with private en-suite bathroom. Viviane created the perfect space for her guests to relax, process and heal. The Feng Shui-decorated guest bedrooms are situated on the first and second floor and are light-filled with beautiful views of the gardens and countryside.  The beds are very comfortable and together with the blackout curtains or blinds, the best guarantee of a good night’s sleep.

The garden, through its formal arrangements based on numerology and sacred geometry, has harmonising trees, shrubs, flowers and a pond with its wildlife where quiet meditation can be enjoyed. It is a beautiful haven in the spring and summer which guests can enjoy at leisure.  Breakfast and meals on the terrace looking out onto the gardens are especially enjoyable with the sounds of nature abounding.

During the colder seasons, meals will be served in the comfortable guests' dining and sitting room, where a lovely view of the garden can still be enjoyed.

Because of the energetic and healing nature of these retreats, for full healing  benefit to be achieved, and for the comfort of every retreat participant, guests are respectfully requested not to smoke or drink during their stay.


Meals are cooked with love, and specially prepared to meet guests’ dietary requirements.  Produce is organically and locally sourced where possible.  To whet your appetite, and for an example of typical dishes served, please click here.  Meals are taken together to enhance the feeling of connectedness.  


Dates for Lumière d'Harmonie Retreats France

15-17 March 2024

5-7 April 2024

3-5 May 2024

31 May - 2 June 2024

28-30 June 2024

From March, short stays with healing programme upon request

To register your interest for retreats in France, Central Brittany, or for bespoke dates, please enquire here.


Weekend Retreat Package:

Retreat packages run from Fridays 6pm to Sundays 5pm.

Price includes all activities, meals, snacks and beverages.  In addition, guests will receive a free essence to take home, specially made up to meet each individual’s needs for further support after the retreat.

Please note that you have the possibility of staying on at the Domaine des Ifs after your retreat, on a B+B basis which can be booked directly on Airbnb.  Evening meals for an additional £20 can be arranged.

Per person:                                          £495

Per person in shared room∗:              £450

∗  Please note that individuals coming to the retreat on their own will not be sharing a room with another person, for the privacy and comfort of everyone involved.  A shared room is for people who already know each other before they come to the retreat and are happy to share.  There is a choice of a twin bedroom for friends/family, or two double bedrooms for couples.

Booking is by bank transfer of full cost if booking 30 days or less in advance, or a deposit of £150 if booking more than 30 days in advance.  Please complete this Booking Form on receipt of which we will send you payment details to make a bank transfer.


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