The Living Harmony Therapy Centre in Aston, Stevenage, has been founded in accordance with the principles of Living Harmony and aims to provide the best of complementary therapies in an environmentally harmonised setting, optimally enhancing people's innate ability to heal.



Treatments with Viviane (click for brochure)

  • 1st Treatment   £250.00
  • Follow-ups:        £90.00

Treatments with both Viviane and Val:

  • 1st Treatment     £350.00
  • Follow-ups:        £180.00

Very often, only one treatment is needed.  We may be able to let you know in advance if more are indicated.


To organise a Living Harmony treatment, please contact us by phone or email.

Living Harmony offers distant and one to one healing sessions, using the latest developments of energy medicine and quantum science for optimal results. For Vibrant Harmony Healing with Viviane, click here for details.  For treatments with Val or Viviane or both, please contact us by phone or email.