Property Appraisal Form

Property Appraisal Form

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    About the Property


    Possible symptoms of environmental stress in your family


    Man-made sources of electromagnetic stress


    Geopsychic activity

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New Workshop in Slovenia:
This new workshop in the heart-opening location of The Centre we set up in Eastern Slovenia, has developed from a previous course on chakra alignment run by Rudolphus Albers at the Living Harmony Centre in the UK.  For more details, click below:
Meetups with Viviane in Aston near Stevenage:
Bring out your inner sun and experience joy in life: Healing  guided meditation
Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet:  Self, family, friends, personal situations and global healing.

 Living Harmony Spiritual Retreats in Hertfordshire:

19 - 21              July 2019

23 - 25        August 2019

13 - 15  September 2019

4 - 6           October 2019

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All-inclusive price:

£395 per person

£350 per person for couples sharing a room

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