Living Harmony stems from two sources, which have been merged into one practice:

  • Environmental Harmony, which involves the assessing and rebalancing of electromagnetic, geopathic and geopsychic stresses in the home and work place. Left unchecked these stresses can cause a number of problems – from lethargy, low mood, poor concentration and learning difficulties to relationship, business problems and chronic disease. Environmental Harmony was founded by dowsers and kinesiologists Jacqui Beacon and David Gillett who tragically passed away in 2004.
  • Vibrant Harmony, which clears imbalances in the body using the latest findings in vibrational and energy medicine, sound, colour, crystals, essences and healing mandalas. The benefits take place at many levels, including at a soul and DNA level, bringing deep transformation into people’s lives and to people’s health. Vibrant Harmony was founded by Val Bullen, Viviane Garbe and Jacqui Beacon in 2000.

What is Living Harmony?

Living Harmony was created out of a wish to help people connect with their Divinity and become who they truly are by helping them heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Living Harmony looks at stressors and ways of clearing them in people's environment as well as their health to help them achieve these goals.

Living Harmony offers a range of services and products for health and spiritual growth, which are in line with developments in energy medicine and quantum science. The Living Harmony processes clear imbalances, and harmonise the body and the environment (home or workplace) to eradicate dis-ease and promote well-being. The principles and practices of Living Harmony uphold the sanctity, divinity and interconnectedness of All.

Who can benefit from Living Harmony?

Anyone can benefit from Living Harmony, but it is particularly useful for: 

  • those with acute or chronic health problems
  • anyone who wants to rebalance the energy in their home, workplace or treatment clinic to create a healthy and energizing environment
  • employees who feel de-motivated at work, have low energy levels, feel depressed or suffer from chronic illness.
  • employers who want to improve staff morale, health and performance
  • anyone wanting to further their personal growth

Living Harmony founders Viviane Garbe and Val Bullen provide individual consultations in the home, clinic or office. They also offer weekend workshops for spiritual growth and development.

They also offer healing to individuals for deep seated problem.  For more information about treatments with Viviane and Val, click here and for information about Vibrant Harmony Healing with Viviane, click here.

Our Vision

To re-awaken others to the infinite possibilities for transformation from any starting point.

To enable them to lovingly honour their uniqueness

To connect with the wisdom of the natural world

To honour and respect the interconnectedness of All

Bringing joy and loving harmony into their lives

The Founders

Val Bullen and Viviane Garbe have continued the work they started with Jacqui Beacon and David Gillett who tragically passed away in 2004, but not before handing down their knowledge of Environmental Harmony. This enabled Val and Viviane to continue the Environmental Harmonisation work David and Jacqui had started, and to create new energy products for the harmonisation of people's health and their environment. They have since expanded their Living Harmony work abroad by creating what was known originally as the Living Harmony Centre in Slovenia, now simply The Centre, where they hope people will come to retreats and workshops for self-growth and regeneration.

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Val Bullen


Val was, until her recent retirement, a biomedical scientist and university lecturer, designing and delivering many courses, including the degrees in complementary therapies at the University of Westminster. Her particular interest is in psychoneuroimmunology, the scientific discipline supporting mind-body medicine. She is an inspirational and entertaining lecturer and was made a University Teaching Fellow for her excellence in teaching and learning.

Val works as a medical intuitive, combining her medical knowledge and healing ability to work at the cellular and molecular level. She offers telephone consultations for those dealing with chronic, and apparently intractable conditions, to bring awareness to possible sources of the problem, and potential solutions. She also designs courses and workshops for personal growth and development.

Viviane has over 20 years’ experience of energy work and transforming people’s lives. Throughout this time, she has run self-development workshops in this country and abroad, offering gentle, yet powerful processes, including healing meditation. Viviane's life is dedicated to facilitating people's rebirth and transformation, so they can become who they truly are and achieve their optimal health and spiritual potential.

She offers one-to-one vibrational energy treatments to heal life-long traumas. One of her specialities is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which she can treat in as little as one session, but she has also facilitated deep health and psychological changes in people suffering from Depression, IBS, Migraines, Pain from old injuries, and many other conditions.

Viviane offers spiritual retreats at the Living Harmony Centre, a harmonious space surrounded by nature. It was purposely built using sacred geometry and Living Harmony principles to facilitate people’s healing and well being.


Viviane Garbe