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The whole experience was simply amazing. And the way Viviane and Val work is just so soft. They work with love and compassion and that’s rare.



The weekend with you was fantastic.  I enjoyed everything thoroughly.  The joy of living is much stronger now after the weekend together.  The energy that was there with us was really incredibly powerful.  I feel truly free.



The Open Your Heart and Transform” weekend held many challenges all at once.  I began the process of dealing with compassion, non-judgement and forgiveness to name but a few.  I acknowledged the shell I had formed around my heart and am, even ow, watching it melt away.  hard to describe, so gentle, respectful of each soul, yet so powerful.  I kind of feel like a butterfly not yet emerged.



Viviane and Val, the workshop was extraordinary.  It included everything and was so gentle and tender, prepared with such love and attention.  That’s why its depth is even stronger.  Everything connected so well and integrated into each cell of my body.  How the seminar was prepared, its beginning and its end.  I lack the wonderful words to describe all beautiful feelings;  extraordinary, wonderful.



Therapies with Viviane

Rape had left me traumatized, depressed and hopeless. It has been a month since the session and since then I have had no night terrors, and have not resorted to bulimia or fasting to deal with my troubles. Without Viviane’s help I would still be living a ghost of an existence.



I can't express my gratitude for all Viviane's work on my family, not least for another son who had dyspraxia and struggled to read and write. After the first session of Brain Gym he began to write fluently, and after the second he was suddenly able and keen to read thick volumes! He can now show his true ability at school and in his future career.



Viviane has knowledge of the seen and unseen and is able to heal at many levels. I have experienced this in totally recovering from a series of whiplashes and trauma. She has aided in my coming to terms with grief and loss and has made the world a kinder and more beautiful place. I hope she is always in my life and I will rely on her to help with whatever comes. With fondness and gratitude.



Viviane is a wonderfully skilled energy therapist and healer, with many years of experience in dealing with a wide range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. I have had many sessions with Viviane over the years and have always felt revitalised and in much better spirit after seeing her. I have recommended her to friends on several occasions and have received great feedback every time. She is also a very lovely person, very passionate about her therapeutic work, and always there when you need her.



Within an hour of the session with Viviane, I went on with my day without any of the anxiety symptoms I’d been having or any of the horror scenes flashing in front of my eyes that had been plaguing me almost continuously since I’d come home from Afghanistan 5 years ago. I was able to focus on activities without the distraction of these flashes. The same evening after my session, I realised that I was able to finish a whole meal without wasting any of the food, and that same night, I was able to fall asleep without thinking about these war scenes. This was 1 month ago and I’ve felt like a new person ever since. The anxiety attacks and the nightmares have completely disappeared, I’m feeling less tired, looking healthier and feeling much happier. I’ve been much more motivated to make a go of my life and find a job, and have even been offered 3 jobs in the month following my session! I don’t know what Viviane did for me that day, but it has given me a new lease of life and made me feel amazing! Thank you Viviane!



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Journeying with the Rose, 21st October 2018
A spiritual development course using the rose as the transformational process to help us move through old blockages and become the best we can be.
Weekly Meetup - Healing Meditation 
Aston, near Stevenage
Bring out your inner sun and experience joy in life
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Living Harmony Spiritual Retreats in Hertfordshire:

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