Workshops and Retreats with Val and Viviane

The whole experience was simply amazing. And the way Viviane and Val work is just so soft. They work with love and compassion and that’s rare.



The weekend with you was fantastic.  I enjoyed everything thoroughly.  The joy of living is much stronger now after the weekend together.  The energy that was there with us was really incredibly powerful.  I feel truly free.



The Open Your Heart and Transform” weekend held many challenges all at once.  I began the process of dealing with compassion, non-judgement and forgiveness to name but a few.  I acknowledged the shell I had formed around my heart and am, even ow, watching it melt away.  hard to describe, so gentle, respectful of each soul, yet so powerful.  I kind of feel like a butterfly not yet emerged.



Viviane and Val, the workshop was extraordinary.  It included everything and was so gentle and tender, prepared with such love and attention.  That’s why its depth is even stronger.  Everything connected so well and integrated into each cell of my body.  How the seminar was prepared, its beginning and its end.  I lack the wonderful words to describe all beautiful feelings;  extraordinary, wonderful.



UK Retreats with Viviane

What an amazing time I had here!  I had an awakening moment at my Living Harmony retreat! I have never felt this kind of energy before and it feels really good.  It was very personal and I had the most attentive and personal treatment I could ever ask for!  I am very grateful for everything and a big hearty thank you to you Viviane!  Thank you for all the yummy meals and for all your love to me too… I do feel different and feel at peace too which was very important for me to achieve.  I am thinking everything differently and feel good too.

I recommend the retreat to all those who feel they need it, trust me, you won't regret it.

Thank you Viviane!



The start of my 6-week vacation period.  I came to relax and recuperate and that’s just what I did.  Viv was lovely, kind, a great cook and welcoming.  A gorgeous healing space – thank you for sharing.



We spent the most relaxing and energizing time with you.  You went out of your way to make us feel welcome in your lovely home.  It all felt very spiritual and special and we benefited from the healing meditation and felt very relaxed afterwards.  Thank you once again for everything.



This has been a transformative experience for me.  Whilst having been difficult at times, I understood that a huge shift was happening.  When I emerged from the garden sanctuary after the 2nd day meditation, I was at peace for the first time in a long while and truly ready to face the world.  Thank you Viviane for opening up your home and of course for the delicious meals!  Love and Light,


Potters Bar

Dear Viviane,

Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and at home with you.  I feel so much calmer and ready to face things that I have been struggling to deal with.  Your hosting and food has been exquisite!  I was struggling to look forward to New Year's Eve, but now I'm looking at it differently and in a more positive light.  Thank you again for looking after me so well.



January 2019

I booked my retreat when at a low ebb following bereavement, and with my own health challenges.  I was made very welcome in Viviane's peaceful and calming home, and shared delicious and nutritious meals.  The bedroom was really quiet and comfortable;  walks around the village were beautiful - it was snowdrop time, and the spiritual care was absolutely just what I needed.  After only a few days, I felt able to face the future with hope, and even some enthusiasm.  Thank you so much.  



Dear Viviane,

When I arrived here on Friday evening, I felt broken and lost.  I was in a sad place and felt the future was hopeless.  With your gentle spirit and awareness, I went through a huge shift in my views and am leaving a stronger, more confident person who is in charge of her own future.  Your home is a safe, loving environment and I thank you for allowing me to spend time here.  Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing you again.



Dear Viviane,

I am so grateful for my retreat with you.  The energy here is amazing, the garden (and especially the magnolia!) is beautiful and the food simply delicious.  Your warmth, hospitality and healing has meant that my time here exceeded any expectations I had.  I feel blessed to have shared your home and to have received the gift of your healing.  With love, 




Thank you ever so much for everything you put into the weekend.  Your attention to detail is amazing.  Your home is extremely clean and comfortable.  The food has been perfect.  On a spiritual note, you are so intuitive.  The healing and meditation has been of great help.  You have given me the confirmation and space that I needed to move on.  I will be seeing you again.  Best wishes,



Dear Viviane,

Thank you for cosseting me over this weekend.  Everything has been in perfection.  I feel I have started a new chapter, thanks to you.  Thanks again for a brilliant weekend and all your help and healing.  I feel blessed to have met you.  



Dear Viviane,

I can't thank you enough for welcoming me into your lovely home and helping me with my difficult journey.  I immediately felt at home here.  Thank you for your wisdom, your therapies, the meditations and your healing.  I leave here feeling happy, contented and at peace, thanks to you.  I now have the tools to help me in the future, but also the knowledge that, in you,  I have found a true angel.  Thank you,


Aston, Stevenage

We just want to say thank you for our lovely stay with you.  We were at a point where we were both exhausted and needed to reconnect with our spiritual side. Coming to your retreat really did the trick; not only did we feel totally nurtured and regenerated, we also felt much more peaceful and balanced. Your hospitality was wonderful, the loving food to the meditation and salt bath were all such a pleasure.  We also enjoyed the trigger point Pilates you arranged, it was great fun!  The one to one consultation and healing you gave us made us feel cleansed and much healthier mentally and physically.  We are both taking the essence you made, every day, which just continues to provide us with the love and nurture we needed.  We cannot wait to come again in fact we will be booking again before September.

We would definitely recommend this retreat to anyone that feels low- exhausted-in need of love – spiritual growth in fact anyone would benefit from a stay with Viviane!!




Thank you for the peaceful, relaxing and healing time which I spent at
your retreat last weekend.  I suffer from insomnia and I had a wonderful night’s sleep when I returned home - I couldn’t believe it.  Your healing powers are so deep and your home is beautiful
and so calm.  I look forward to many more visits.


London NW7

I had the most wonderful stay at Viviane's.  So peaceful and quiet.  She couldn't have been more welcoming.  If possible have one of her facial massages.  It was heavenly.




Thank you so much for these exceptional days.  The difference it has made in my energy levels, my mood and my mental clarity has been staggering.  I never anticipated just how quick and profound a change I would experience - it is like Christmas and my birthday all at once - a bouquet of unexpected presents that has exceeded my expectations beyond my wildest dreams!  All I can say is Thank You - and I will be back!  


Hemel Hempstead

Dear Viviane,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me over the past few days.  I was made to feel absolutely welcome and comfortable for my entire stay, for which I am truly grateful.  I never expected such a life-changing shift in such a short period of time, especially considering how long I have been on this journey, but with your thoughtful and caring guidance, I have finally reached my destination, for which I will be eternally grateful.  I feel I can now continue my journey in the right direction.  Thank you for being you.



Dear Viviane,

Thank you for your hospitality.  It made me feel accepted and welcome.  Your home felt like a safe haven after a huge amount of turbulence and stress in my life, both physical and spiritual.  Your gentleness of spirit and care and concern for my well being now and for the future has really impacted my life.  Bless you for unlocking so many complex issues and emotions.  I am leaving stronger, calmer and more accepting that "I am restored and healed of many hurts".  



Dear Viviane,

Thank you so much for your warmth and kindness and for welcoming me into your home for the weekend.  I feel blessed to have shared your home.  Your hospitality and food have been very special.  I hope this is the start of the journey for me unlocking my emotions and starting to live life to its fullest extent.  Much love and thanks, 



Dear Viviane,

Thank you so much for your warmth and kindness and for welcoming me into your home for the weekend.  I feel blessed to have shared your home.  Your hospitality and food have been very special.  I hope this is the start of the journey for me unlocking my emotions and starting to live life to its fullest extent.  Much love and thanks, 




Merci beaucoup pour ce week-end de retraite, et ton incroyable travail.  je repars sereine et apaisée.  Bises, (Thank you very much for this retreat week-end and your incredible work.  I leave here feeling serene and soothed.)


Nantes, France


Thank you for a beautiful weekend.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  You made me feel very welcome - the healing, the food, the comfort - I couldn't have asked for more.  this is the perfect setting for a soul in need and hopefully has meant the start of an amazing journey for me.  Thank you for your kindness, intuition and your wonderful healing abilities.  The healing experience was amazing.  I hope to be back.  Wishing you lots of love and healing,




Thank you for such a grounding, relaxing and spiritual New Year celebration!

I absolutely recommend Viviane's spiritual home retreats for those seeking grounding, rebalancing, spiritual development, extra love and harmony, all enjoyed in tranquil surroundings, with carefully prepared meals, relaxing company, but most of all from a truly genuine and talented energy healer.  On entering her house and experiencing Viviane's energy, I immediately started to feel significantly more present.  I really enjoyed the highly relaxing meditation in the beautifully balanced harmony room in the garden, and sounding in our New Year intentions at midnight with the powerful gong.  Thanks again and looking forward to coming again.  



Therapies with Viviane

Rape had left me traumatized, depressed and hopeless. It has been a month since the session and since then I have had no night terrors, and have not resorted to bulimia or fasting to deal with my troubles. Without Viviane’s help I would still be living a ghost of an existence.



I can't express my gratitude for all Viviane's work on my family, not least for another son who had dyspraxia and struggled to read and write. After the first session of Brain Gym he began to write fluently, and after the second he was suddenly able and keen to read thick volumes! He can now show his true ability at school and in his future career.



Viviane has knowledge of the seen and unseen and is able to heal at many levels. I have experienced this in totally recovering from a series of whiplashes and trauma. She has aided in my coming to terms with grief and loss and has made the world a kinder and more beautiful place. I hope she is always in my life and I will rely on her to help with whatever comes. With fondness and gratitude.



Viviane is a wonderfully skilled energy therapist and healer, with many years of experience in dealing with a wide range of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. I have had many sessions with Viviane over the years and have always felt revitalised and in much better spirit after seeing her. I have recommended her to friends on several occasions and have received great feedback every time. She is also a very lovely person, very passionate about her therapeutic work, and always there when you need her.



Within an hour of the session with Viviane, I went on with my day without any of the anxiety symptoms I’d been having or any of the horror scenes flashing in front of my eyes that had been plaguing me almost continuously since I’d come home from Afghanistan 5 years ago. I was able to focus on activities without the distraction of these flashes. The same evening after my session, I realised that I was able to finish a whole meal without wasting any of the food, and that same night, I was able to fall asleep without thinking about these war scenes. This was 1 month ago and I’ve felt like a new person ever since. The anxiety attacks and the nightmares have completely disappeared, I’m feeling less tired, looking healthier and feeling much happier. I’ve been much more motivated to make a go of my life and find a job, and have even been offered 3 jobs in the month following my session! I don’t know what Viviane did for me that day, but it has given me a new lease of life and made me feel amazing! Thank you Viviane!