These spiritual healing cards have come at this time to help us adapt to the new energies coming through on this planet and to help us become who we truly are.  Each card contains a symbol which is the frequency signature of one of our Vibrant Essences.  They number 35 in total and were made over 10 years, in highly energetically charged sacred places.

They are suitable for those on their spiritual development path, or who would simply like to be and feel well.


The beautiful boxed set comes complete with a 92 page explanatory booklet.  You can  learn

  • how to receive the essence in the simplest way
  • how to make up an essence or spray if needed, using the symbols provided
  • how to use these once you've made them
  • how to recognise if your issues are physical, emotional or spiritual
  • what the particular card you've chosen means for you at this specific time
  • how the affirmation provided with each card can help you move forward

Product Price:  £19.95 + £5.00 P+P

Excerpt from the introduction:

"At the core of our being is a vibrant energy that both sustains and defines us.

Traditional cultures teach practices to enhance this energy so that it effectively nourishes every cell of our body and radiates outwards to reflect the light being that we are.

However, our modern lifestyle has tended to bypass the spiritual aspect of our physical self, leading to physical symptoms or dis-ease which are our body's attempt to alert us to these spiritual aspects or issues that we have ignored.

The 35 Vibrant Essence Cards in this set, developed from our Vibrant Essences, were designed to deal with this by enhancing the flow of vital energy within our body so that we may more wholeheartedly participate in this life, which is our pathway to spiritual development.

These sacred cards are not for divination but for spiritual healing."


-Living Harmony


“I am delighted to write about how I feel about the Vibrant Essence Cards. I feel they are a real gift of light, beautifully crafted and so exquisite, a much needed gift to the universe. I find their use in the morning changes the quality of the day, creating a new awareness of grace and order. I have long looked forward to having such a tool and have gratitude to Living Harmony for its creation.    I will not only use them but will gift them to the special people in my life. Profound changes lie ahead through the awareness they bring.”

June Leingang

gifted artist and intuitive

“Life these days can be unpredictable, often stressful and problematic. Riding the waves and remaining in the driving seat is sometimes tricky. Even the strong can get knocked off balance and require tools to help find workable solutions. Being a busy healthcare professional and campaigner means that, over the years, I have tended to put others’ needs first, sometimes forgetting my own. Living Harmony has been a rock and an inspiration that has kept me centred; emotionally and spiritually well, no matter how rocky the terrain gets. However, it’s not always possible to get there physically when life is so busy, which is why I was so delighted to discover the Vibrant Essence Cards.    In my experience they are an incredibly powerful tool for self-help, restoring balance, energy and wellbeing at times when I could so easily have surrendered to overwhelm or fatigue. They have been created with love and the desire for increased wellbeing as well as spiritual awareness. I hope owning a set of these beautiful cards brings you a sense of joy and provides an on- going treat for your soul.” 

Maryon Stewart

author of several books and programmes on natural health, and campaigner about the dangers of recreational drugs. (www.angelusfoundation.com)