Living Harmony Gong

Meditation has long been known as a tool for spiritual and self-development.  More recently, it has enjoyed a widespread recognition as an aid to physical and emotional well being, and has been embraced by the wider public and work force for its proven ability to enhance clarity and focus, performance and health.

Living Harmony offers guided meditations for individuals or businesses to gently but deeply bring people into an altered brain wave state so that they may experience the healing benefits of meditation.  These meditations are a combination of mindfulness breath practices which can be continued and used any time of day for calming and soothing, and visualisations to bring about specific outcomes as described in each of them.  They can be used in the home or in the workplace.

Changes in clients experiencing Living Harmony meditations have ranged from better sleep, better health, enhanced motivation, peace, focus and performance, to deep shifts in attitude,  life transformations and a general feeling of happiness and enjoyment of life.

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We are pleased to offer a set of 8 meditations, each targeting different aspects a client might want to achieve.  The meditations may be purchased singly or as a set.  Deep shifts may be experienced after single use, and repeated use will bring a new awareness and deepening of healing.

The meditations contain soundtracks with frequencies that induce a deep healing state.

Three of the guided meditations have a background track with gong sounds. Gongs are known to vibrate or resonate at the same frequency as our body's cells, helping the body to heal itself.  The vibrations of the gong also have a deeply relaxing effect on our sympathetic nervous system, enhancing deep brainwave states.  Live blood cell analysis before and after gonging has shown changes in the cells after just 20 minutes of experiencing gong playing, showing reduced inflammation, (see experiment here:  The gong used with our guided meditations is the Living Harmony Gong.  It is a Universal Gong, bringing through the sounds of all the planets for healing at a deep level.

The other three guided meditations contain tracks with the ability to make clients access deep brainwave states, specially composed by Benjamin Fingerhut, a talented young musician.

Benjamin Fingerhut studied composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Since graduating in 2014, he has been working as a music educator, choral conductor, performer and composer/arranger. As well as numerous collaborations with film-makers, directors and choreographers, he has completed an array of concert works. Benjamin is available to create bespoke pieces of music tailored to different settings; to discuss your particular needs you can contact him at