We have a range of medallions based on our logo and a powerful symbol we use in our work. These are currently available in copper and silver and have different effects. We always test for which medallion is most appropriate for any particular individual as we are all at different stages in our spiritual journey. They have also been found to have profound healing effects.


The Copper Medallion

Copper has been used in our work for its electromagnetic effects. In alchemy, it occupies the midpoint between lead and gold / earth and heaven. In this respect it is for transition between phases of our spiritual development and evolution. The copper medallion is grounding and will align people so they can make their transitions personally and in terms of their own evolution. When you are aligned in time and space you transcend the physical. By enhancing your clairvoyance and other senses, wearing it will give you a clarity of purpose, and insight into what you’re here for, both in the short and long term. The medallion also works at the DNA level to allow the necessary changes to be incorporated into the physical being, grounding the spiritual, though the physical body is becoming less physical. Some people may notice they feel ‘heavy' when they start to wear it but this is due to its grounding effect and will be temporary. Most of us need to be better grounded especially when we are developing spiritually.

The Silver Medallion

This medallion is also to do with your spiritual development but of a different nature. The higher vibration of silver allows the infinity symbol to come into being: infinite possibilities working at the molecular level with God. It has a more feminine/moon quality but works to balance the male/female principles within a person and so bringing them closer to their divine essence. It works with the higher chakras i.e. beyond the normal 7, bringing down the higher elements for incorporation into your spiritual development.

The Silver Medallion with Colours

The colours used on our medallions represent the heart colours. They are green, pink and combined. These are to ensure we develop the true aspects of unconditional love. Wearers have noticed that they are more accepting, less judgemental and able to go with the flow, trusting that they are part of a bigger plan that is finely orchestrated for the greater good.

Copper Medallion£65.00 + £5.00postage and packaging
Small Plain Silver Medallion£125.00 + £5.00postage and packaging
Small Coloured Silver Medallion£150.00 + £5.00postage and packaging
Large Limited Edition Plain Silver Medallions£145.00 + £5.00postage and packaging
Large Limited Edition Coloured Silver Medallions£ 175.00 + £5.00postage and packaging