Meditation on Self-Love

The concept of Self-Love is one that is brandied about by any self-honouring New-Ager.  Each of us should love ourselves, love the inner child that hankers after our attention, love our faults, love our greatness, our vulnerability, our talents, our mistakes.  Every part of us is perfect and what makes us who we are.  We need to accept it and love it all to wholeness.
But do any of us really know what Self-Love is?  Have we actually experienced it?  Truly?  Until we have, it is but a concept.  We can think we love ourselves, or “know” we don’t.  Self-Love can grow little by little through acts of kindness to oneself, through meditation, through creativity, connecting with nature, healing.  It is all about learning to honour ourselves again as the Divine Being we truly are, seeing our power and beauty.  It is about feeling the love for ourselves as we are able to feel it for others.  It is easier said than done, as many of us withhold this love from ourselves as we focus on what is wrong with us, rather than what is right!
I once experienced unconditional love for myself and it was a real eye-opener, as previously, I had thought I loved myself, at least as much as anyone does.  Then it happened.  At one of my own meditation evenings.  It was a Supermoon, and as I told others to think about any issues they wanted to work on before they picked their helping card for the meditation, I asked myself what I needed to achieve.  And the answer came:  Self-Love!  I went with the flow, wondering why I had to work on Self-Love when I thought I already loved myself.  I picked my card, ran the meditation and thought nothing of it.  
Till the next day, when I’d spent two hours gardening and went back into the house.  I happened to look at myself in the mirror and noticed how radiant I looked.  Positively beautiful!  It was coming from inside of me.  And then I felt this amazing love for myself, as if I was in love with myself!  I also felt it all around me, it was almost palpable, as if I could touch it.  And in that moment, I felt powerful beyond measure, that I could manifest anything I wanted in my life.  Then I knew what loving oneself really meant!  I had connected with that Divine part within me which is perfect, which is love itself!  And from that place, I knew that the world was my oyster!
This was a beautiful glimpse into what it is possible to achieve.  Did the feeling last?  Probably about 20 minutes!  But the knowledge that it is possible to achieve it gave me something to hold onto and to strive towards.  Now and again, I get these glimpses in moments of bliss when in nature or experiencing or seeing something beautiful, and it helps me know that it can be done.  
In this meditation, we will endeavour to experience a moment of bliss or self-love so that we can continue to hold onto it in our continued journey to self-love.  
In Loving Harmony,
Viviane xx

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