Chakra Healing through Meditation

Chakra Healing through Meditation

There is much imbalance calling for our attention to heal within and without.  Many of us are experiencing old wounds rearing their ugly heads, reminding us that we are still on our journey to wholeness, and not yet there.  We have done so much work already to heal ourselves, yet our body tells us there’s more to do and shows us unequivocally, through old patterns coming out again, or some conditions worsening that we thought were under control.  
Some of us call it “growing old” thinking it’s the inevitability of time marching on.  However, much of the signs of getting older are due to our not looking after ourselves and not listening to our body which is trying to give us a message about underlying issues.
We can address these imbalances with a chakra healing meditation.  This enables us to ground ourselves and align all our chakras so that our body can recalibrate and heal by addressing the underlying issues of any physical challenges.  This in turn allows us to be more in line with our goals and gives us the energy and strength to put them into effect.
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